Resistance and Civil Disobedience — BADN — 7 of 7

5 min readMay 26, 2023

This is part 7 of a 7-part series.
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Two of the main focuses throughout this series have been the self-empowerment of individual people through overcoming outdated concepts and divisive ways of thinking, and the unification of people in general through a non-ideological and non-identity-oriented philosophical discipline which can, hopefully, contribute to the beginning of a truly civilised world.

Just as individuals face serious barriers, wider society also faces some truly monolithic challenges. This, as reiterated many times, comes in the form of our most dominant social institutions that refuse to change — namely, the political and religious establishment, along with our economic institutions which serve as the life-blood and vehicle by which they can co-opt the time, energy and work of individuals, and weigh in on any societies or communities that do not wish to live along the same lines.

Their reliance on pushing tribalistic ideology, the tendency towards authoritarian control over everyday people that distant bureaucrats have, the endless corruption inherent in the establishment, their willingness to lie, to gatekeep truth for political and financial power, to drag us into irrelevant wars, and the ongoing campaign to convince people that “everything is political” — these are just a few of the fundamental aspects of these obsolete systems that now threaten to take us beyond the danger point, and are based on premises deserving of constant scrutiny.

So what do we do?

Resistance and civil disobedience is fully encouraged and even required by the BADN philosophical discipline — as it would be with any discipline which has its sights set on truth as opposed to belief — first and foremost through education, but always keeping in mind that the central point is to outgrow failed institutions and to overcome outdated social and psychological customs.

This means that, while it is necessary to stay informed and highly critical in order to assure that we hold our so-called leaders and broader social institutions accountable for their endless failures, we have to stay constantly vigilant as to no longer allow our minds and our energies to be captured and co-opted by them.




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