Believe and Disbelieve Nothing — An Introduction — 1 of 7

8 min readMay 10, 2023

What is BADN?

Is it practical, or even possible, to “Believe and Disbelieve Nothing”?

How will personal beliefs and traditional culture values be affected?

What are the individual and wider social benefits of implementing this philosophical and educational outlook?

This 7-part series is an overview of a complete, functional philosophical discipline. Though I know I can’t concisely boil it all down to a few passages, the point of this is to attempt to cover as much as possible, at least enough to provide a functioning framework of the discipline so that others can benefit from it, or, at the very least, make some sense of it.

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The ultimate aim of what I’ve come to casually call the “Believe and Disbelieve Nothing” philosophical discipline is to alter the language of our thinking in an attempt to overcome certain problems that people have suffered with throughout recorded history.

While some might say these are problems of “Human Nature”, it is the claim here that the bulk of unnecessary human suffering, social division and stagnation of personal growth, is actually a collective set of philosophical and psycho-social problems that can be solved through the proposed set of changes to how we handle information and how we think about the world and one another.

It’s clear that a great deal of suffering in this world, both individual and interpersonal, comes as a consequence of erroneous thinking leading to damaging behaviours and oppressive social institutions, whether it be a person misinterpreting or incorrectly judging someone else and not being able to communicate with them as a result, or a group of people dehumanising and waging war on another perceived group for some grand ideological purpose.

Traditionally, most cultures have been raised to channel their efforts into the institution of politics when it comes to attempting to solve the social problems, and into religious institutions when it comes to the personal. These institutions, and all the conceptual reasoning they rely on, have been at the foundation of our social development since the beginning of recorded human history.




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