Creativity and Technology — BADN — 5 of 7

5 min readMay 17, 2023

This is part 5 of a 7-part series.
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rauschenberger on Pixabay

Though there are still many challenges ahead for us to face, we’ve come a long way from the ill-equipped, near-blind species we once were. For all of our historical and present struggles, not only have we gained a great deal in the way of natural insights, scientific understanding and technological capability, but also endless streams of creative self-expression and cultural variation.

We have gone from mythological explanations of nature to detailed technical insight, from rudimentary stone and wooden tools to automated machinery, from cave paintings to digitally generated art, and from being restricted to word of mouth to the written word which can then be shared across the world in the click of a button.

Obviously, it doesn’t stop here.

This digital age of information is still relatively new, and the new generations now are the first generations to be born into it, never knowing, for example, a world before streaming media or the internet as a whole.

Many aspects of people’s lives have been improved and made a lot more enjoyable thanks to the creative and technological endeavours of others; instant communication at the click of a button, being able to shop online for things we need, or being able to share our creativity and things we find interesting with wide audiences of people, whereas contributions from people of past generations will have often faded into obscurity because this kind of thing wasn’t available.

But with these revolutionary technological changes come a whole new set of challenges for humanity as a whole.

Quite often, people blame certain technologies or services for corrupting humanity in some way, when really it’s the business models that govern those services that are largely at fault. Social media proves its technical value to us every time we send a message to someone we need to communicate with, but it is the corrupted business models of some of the companies operating these platforms that produce undesirable human interference and influence. Everything from censorship to performing secret experiments on large numbers of people, provoking their emotions to see what increases engagement time and…




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