Belief: The Ancient Language — BADN — 3 of 7

When people are sincere in their beliefs, they eventually come to a point where they have to abandon them in the quest for truth.

6 min readMay 12, 2023


This is part 3 of a 7-part series.
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Given that the conditions of our world change faster than any one person’s thinking can capture them, with all the education and insight necessary to make that a legitimate capture, forming our societies on what people like to believe, as opposed to what can be understood, is doomed to lead us to personal stagnation and insecurity, culture lag, the gatekeeping of truth, social stratification, the fragmentation of the species, and a whole host of social conditions that go some ways to ensure a great deal of unnecessary deprivation and oppression.

Belief may have been necessary to navigate through a world with only basic understanding of processes enough for survival and forming the first tribal societies, but the world of today is not the same as the ancient world that the language of belief comes out of.

Now, we have available to us more insight and understanding about our world and ourselves than ever before. Many of our historical perspectives and ways of interacting with this world have been permanently altered in the wake of new information, and most of them will not be coming back. This “out with the old, in with the new” kind of change is a trademark of true personal growth, and wisdom that has been directly applied to how we live.

With that noted, the claim is that humanity has to recognise that it’s a defining characteristic of belief that it seeks to affirm itself — even when hidden beneath the language of open-mindedness* — and that immediately destroys the openness required to reach understanding, closing down avenues of educational exploration as a self-preservation mechanism.

On top of that, the tendency of belief towards self-affirmation creates an angle on which gatekeepers and malicious people can divide societies, create and magnify the insecurities of individuals, and paralyse people’s intellectual growth, curiosity and creativity in order to control them. This can be done easily by convincing someone that…




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