2 min readMar 30, 2023

Why do you think so many people are outright willing to be used for corporate and political Tokenist, box-ticking tendencies and agendas?

I appreciate your emphasis here on that, and how there's only so much people can take before they grow tired of it, producing a kind of backlash effect where the exact opposite of what is being preached becomes the consequence.

As Douglas Murray said, "we don't want real racists to have legitimate grievances", but I can see that becoming the case more and more each day. An unintended consequence of all this race-hustling madness is that, in a world where many people think in terms of either/or, the anti-racists are going some ways to create actual racists. And on top of that, they're giving them solid ground on which to stand and announce their grievances.

A similar example can be seen with a great deal of extremist-feminist preaching. On the one hand, you get many level-headed men and women rising up to counter their points. On the other, you get a class of woman-hating men and self-loathing women who simply can't see through their grand yet dangerously shallow abstractions.

I am personally sick and tired of this view that Group A needs to be brought down a peg or two to stand level with Group B, or even further as to be beneath them. Is this what the institution of politics has to offer? What's stopping them from focusing on raising people up, rather than knocking people down? Money? Power? Maybe there wouldn't be enough pet victims left to campaign on?

Unfortunately, perspectives such as your own are few and far between. They would have been even more scarce before the (questionably) free-flow of information that the internet enables for us. I can take this as a good sign, a mark of progress.

But with the kinds of information I take in daily, usually relating to censorship in some capacity or how people are being duped into calling for their own suppression, I see we still face many threats. We're not out of the dirt yet, but this is exactly why people such as yourself need to continue doing what you're doing.

Once again, much appreciated.


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