2 min readMar 28, 2023

This whole thing about dismissing people because they either belong to "the wrong group" or fall foul of the accepted narrative within their own perceived group, is something that bothers me no-end too.

Part of me - the dying optimist in me - hopes this is one of those "we have to go through it to overcome it" situations. It's not like people haven't been through this time and time again, but now, with the internet, it's especially pronounced, in your face, somewhat unavoidable, and is becoming increasingly see-through as time goes on.

It also smacks of a kind of desperation to be part of a unified oneness, though misdirected into divisive ideological camps - likely because those are unfortunately central to the kind of world we've made for ourselves today. As someone who's interested in, let's say, "world unification," I have to let that dying optimist in me take the lead on this one.

IF that's the case, then we aren't too far gone and there's something left to be salvaged and built upon. And as time goes on, we keep adding to our list of mistakes and drenching our hands in blood, so much so that, surely, we HAVE to really realise that at some point in a way that helps us grow up.

If it's not the case, then we may well just be completely fucked, and the division, fragmentation, the assumption of separation and all the infighting amongst all these so-called groups, might just be spelling out a bitter end.

Yeah, I think I'll let my dying optimist stay in the driver's seat on this one. As for the dating game, I dare not subject him to that, not even for a minute!


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