Thinking in Groups — A Message to Race-Hustlers and Identity-Grifters

5 min readApr 25, 2023
cocopariesienne on Pixabay

Reading a lot of the posts here on Medium — especially the political — I re-re-realise there is still a huge tendency of people to think in groups.

This isn’t exactly a surprise, but it’s also something that shouldn’t be taken as such a given that it should never be mentioned. In fact, I’d say it should be mentioned because divisive ideology seems to be pushing people to the danger point, and if the growing need for humanity to unify is to be recognised, then this tendency should be one of the first to be overcome.

Instead of writers writing about individuals they encounter, and countering their positions, there’s a tendency to reduce people to their perceived group identities. White, Black, English, Irish, Male, Female, Cis, Gay, Straight, whatever…

Then, with that established, the trend seems to be that they attribute certain attitudes or behaviours — which could just as easily be attributed across humanity as a whole — to one of these groups in order to make it seem like evidence of a perceived failure or shortcoming of that particular group.

First and foremost, my initial reaction is a suspicion that these writers are not engaging with a variety of individuals of their opposing perceived groups regularly, and when they do, it seems to them to be some kind of event. This, alone, is very telling.

Then, there’s a significant usage of certain language — keywords, buzzwords, jargon, etc. — which makes it abundantly clear that these writers are taking their worldviews and ideologies from bite-sized video clips and short, sweeping discussions on the internet.

The minor problem here is that many of them seem to be basing their ideological frameworks of interpretation on kernels of truth, which seem to make them adequately self-affirming and self-preserving. The major problem concerns what they do with that truth; how they use it to further the divisions many of them claim to be against, leveraging certain truths against other perceived groups in a bid to gain a “win” for their own perceived group.

I’m sure there are readers out there, for example, who would find it acceptable to disregard everything I say based on what they perceive to be my personal group…




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