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I'll read Forster and Kaczynski's works, as someone who is interested in applying creativity and the scientific method to social concern.

Does Kaczybski write much on creativity? While reading your piece, I get the impression he sees technology as almost a standalone entity, a distant abstraction almost. Does he go into how an anti-tech society could practically form WITHOUT crushing or restricting people's creativity?

And I don't mean just "artists" and the like, but engineers, innovators, explorers of all sorts. I see technology as everything that the creative human mind produces, everything from a pencil to a book to a laptop and beyond.

Is he interested in banning or doing away with reading glasses, for example?

How about a clay bowl that people can use to eat or drink from? Does this count as technology to him? And how does he grapple with the fact that people will involuntarily innovate on this technology?

Or is he mostly focused on machines?

Nice read! Followed. I'll be checking through your work throughout the day. I'll also come back here, eventually, when I'm done with the manifesto and Forster's book, which I have heard mentioned plenty in my past.

Keep it up


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