1 min readApr 1, 2023


Personally, I've given up this assumption that these things even can be fixed through the traditional institutional routes.

This is why I put such an emphasis on going an alternative route with things. As I mentioned, new systems, new social structures.

I'm no social planner or social engineer or whatever though. I'm more into the "how do we get there" side of things, which is why I wrote this piece and also the whole point of my BADN series, which I'll be posting here soon enough.

Either way, with more access to information than we've ever had before, along with the fact that humanity now has a huge stock of insight, understanding and wisdom to pull from, the fact that we don't do anything with it and just keep repeating the same old stories really does piss me off.

I'd rather see everyone do well instead of just a handful of people, and I don't like the look of this creepy, overbearing dystopian future that we're heading towards.

I'm not suggesting I can see the future. I'm saying take a look at the present - where do you think it'll go if left unchecked? What if we let these "world leaders" decide what the future will be like for the rest of us? These are not exactly impressive people, to say the least...


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