1 min readApr 4, 2023


This is one thing that will quickly put me off talking about crypto with people. It's not that there's anything wrong with wanting to make money from it, but, if that's all they want to do, it leaves us with fewer options of things to talk about.

The conversation of "what about this one, what about that one" loses its appeal after a little while, and I've had people want to fall out because our interests didn't align or because I wasn't so keen on their new get-rich-quick crypto.

Seems best for me to keep quiet about it for the most part... Unless I come across one of those militant anti-crypto "it's a ponzi scheme" people. That can be a lot more fun.

I'm happy you got on well with this one. This is really just a brief summary of things I see as the truly important aspects of this tech, the things that will make a lasting impact no matter who says what about making money.


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