1 min readApr 18, 2023

Only when reduced to the ideological. That's the "space" that politics inhabits.

This is why I have such a focus on philosophy and science, because the political institution and all other ideologies that inhabit that "language" tend to reduce everything to its own kind - ideological, divisive, tribalistic, opinion- and identity-oriented.

This is also why I see the institution of politics as a set of failed social experiments, and something that must either reconnect with some grassroots philosophical and scientific foundation, or be outgrown.

The division intrinsic to ideology as a whole is something that should be expected when you try to build a society on ideological foundations. And it should come as no surprise that those who speak words of equality (and even oneness) then go on to sow further division in an already splintered species, because this is the very language of thinking they perpetuate.

A language of thinking they can not see through when it tends to reduce everything to its own terms. Like politics.


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