2 min readMar 30, 2023

I'm quite "liberal-minded" myself, but not at all "leftist" or left-wing. I can also be quite "conservative-minded" too, but, again, I don't fit in with "the right."

I am trying a different approach to things, which I plan on posting here about in great detail in the future.

However, some of your points do have me thinking that you might not have encountered or given much time to the more serious-minded counter-points to some that you have made.

For example, more immigration to fill skilled labour gaps. Most right-wing people that I can think of are actually for this and for the exact reason you mention, but only oppose both illegal and weaponised migration.

Green energy. The more serious right-wingers I can think of are all for clean energy. What they aren't for is a rush towards it that leaves cities rationing their energy or having scheduled blackouts imposed on them. I definitely wouldn't consider it a fair argument to say that (again, the more serious-minded) right-wingers don't care about the planet because they don't support the green agenda as pushed by the establishment.

There IS a certain shallow closed-mindedness when it comes to the use of liberal as a slur, and that same thing applies when similar terms are used to slur those who align on the right.

The entire political game depends on keeping people locked in the divide between left and right, and making it incredibly difficult to bridge that gap. Whoever or whatever is doing this, is doing a damn good job of it.

Philosophically, you might find yourself in agreement with more of these people than you might first imagine. Politically, that's a completely different story.

Divide and conquer has always been what "they" have relied on, and this left-right dichotomy is preserving that division with impressive efficacy, even in the face of emerging technological advances and a world where we know more about our interconnectedness with each other and with nature than ever before.

As someone who's incredibly interested in freedom and the unity of humanity as a whole, I would easy say I'm somewhat liberal. Just not "a" liberal.

And remember... A lot of people aren't serious people. They're people with sets of opinions that they want to battle with, largely for reasons of ego and identity. A great deal of them take on their opinions first, then rationalise them post-hoc. This is what Jonathan Haidt calls "the tail wagging the dog", and it is a trademark of people who allow their emotions into the driver's seat of their ideological positions.

Anyway, nice write-up. I also want to remove the stigma from the term "liberal" but I'd personally, strictly, only use this as a verb. Not a noun. Another one of your commenters here made that same point. Also, because that word has been used as a slur against me - in the same sentence as snowflake!

Just an attempt to derail from people who are more interested in opinions and belief than they are in insight and understanding.


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