1 min readMay 18, 2023

I'm no capitalist but nor am I any kind of communist.

I could give credit to both, but just as easily spend all day pointing out their flaws. Corruption, massive government, elitism, social control, censorship, etc., are all problems that I can recognise as being inherent to both of these concepts.

I'd love to see the problems of homelessness, poverty, starvation, "one law for thee, but not for me", etc., being taken care of once and for all.

I just have no confidence left in these economic/political ideologies. Too much goes unanswered.

Personally, I want to see something completely different; a kind of redesign of the world we live in, one that doesn't emerge from someone's ideological thinking, but rather from all the insights and understandings we've gained throughout the ages.

I don't exactly know what that would look like, but there have been some futurists who've taken stabs at drawing up those blueprints.

I'm lacking in far too much economics and engineering knowledge to be able to put those plans together. I just recognise a philosophical responsibility that we have in this life, to do what we can to overcome certain systems and abstractions.

If we don't do overcome these things, like the 4 illusions you mention in your other piece for example, the future will likely turn into a kind of dystopian nightmare. A bit like the present, but much more technologically advanced.


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