1 min readMay 14, 2023


I had to come back for a second read of this one. It has been on my mind since the first read.

This same thing here has happened to me. I was living in Norway in a somewhat "Anarcho-Communist" kind of place, and, while I was there, I decided to check out some Norwegian books.

I gravitated heavily towards Knut Hamsun for his general insanity and focus on nomadic kind of lifestyles.

I was told by some hippie there that Hamsun was a nazi, and that I should stop reading his books. I was 3-4 books in at this point, and was determined to read everything from him that I could get my hands on.

I wasn't aware of his personal history, any of his views, nothing like that - and, quite frankly, not at all interested. I defended his fiction, because that's all I could do.

The names I was called went from insulting to ridiculous, only stopping short at calling me a eugenicist.

The same has happened in other parts of life, usually over books, podcasts, "people of interest", etc. The people who hurled these accusations at me never wanted to address any point I made. They just wanted to tell me I was wrong in some way.

Guilty of the original sin of being white. That common theme runs through it.

I don't allow this kind of ignorance or any of the claims that come out of it to go unchecked anymore.

Everybody can bugger off.




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