Hijacking Human Concern for Social Control

5 min readApr 23, 2023
Alexas on Pixabay

Before 9/11, I was a kid without much insight or interest into the way the world works. As far as I could tell, and as far as what was told to me, I’d be pretty much free to live my life in whichever way I chose so long as I stuck within the law.

After 9/11, it was as if something shifted, and not only did governments and corporations ramp up their surveillance operations to watch almost every facet of the lives of everyday people, especially internet users, but individuals seemed to want to interfere in each other’s lives a hell of a lot more.

Now, maybe partly as a result of this, I no longer feel free to live as I choose. Social media and the growing politicisation of everything is quickly leading to a society of people that moralise and critique each other’s every decision. This is only made worse by the rise of ideologies which, by their nature, push everyone who uphold them into seeing people who think differently as an “other.”

Alongside the common tendency to form absolute character judgments about each other, this is giving rise to a nosey, shallow, hyper-controlling and vicious culture.

If you think what they don’t want you to think — if you put your kids in a school they don’t approve of — if you read, watch or listen to certain media — if you don’t chant a certain slogan or declare allegiance to certain groups — if you associate with someone they don’t like — if you challenge a claim that’s accepted as a self-evident truth — if you don’t readily let them make your medical decisions for you — … then you’re probably a Nazi, and, because you disagree with them, anything you say will lead to genocide. Of course.

And with climate change now becoming a primary focus of many governments, likely through infiltration by the World Economic Forum, we can be damn sure that the powerless authoritarians around us who they inspire will be trying to meddle in everyone’s lives over things like how much meat they eat, what hours they decide to use their lights or charge their cars, who they associate with, etc.

Given that we all live here on Earth, climate change is the perfect concern to hijack in order to interfere and to try to control what decisions others make for the good of everyone else. That’s everything from what you…




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