1 min readMay 18, 2023

Great read.

The 4 illusions or abstractions that you've touched upon here for 4 things I've wondered about for years.

I wonder how they will look in the future, and whether or not their self-preserving natures are actually holding us back, not only from whatever our future may be but also the "next stage" of maturation of our species.

Fingers crossed that we have what it takes to overcome them, or whatever the underlying source of these illusions actually is - but double fingers crossed that we have what it takes to do so without bloodshed.

I'm convinced there is a way. A philosophical outlook of some sort that is not so divisive, or a set of realisations that make clear how important it is to actually aim to do these things.

Take money, for example. I've had conversations with people who think money will just exist forever in some form or another, unable to even imagine a different kind of world. Money is also tied in to things like work, and the valuing of goods and services.

This makes it even more difficult to overcome because not only would we need to basically "overcome work" but we'd also need to overcome scarcity of resources and placing arbitrary financial value on goods.

This is a massive task to undertake. But personally I suspect it'd go some ways towards creating a future that we'd all love to be part of.


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