1 min readMay 18, 2023

Fascinating read.

For some reason, space fills me with a peculiar kind of anxiety. I call it space anxiety.

In order to overcome this, I've been reading as much as I can about space, been reading the 2001: a space odyssey series of books, and consuming as many "space for dummies" videos as I can. It's been a fun ride!

I also became interested in these habitable exoplanets (?) after I first heard about Gliese 581g. Not only did that make me curious, but it set my imagination on fire.

Coming from that, I wrote my first feature-length film screenplay, "The Fall of Man", in which a human-like species from Gliese 581g attempt to rescue humanity from our own downfall by using their superior tech to send one of themselves to Earth by occupying the body of a human being.

The people just disbelieve him though, dismiss him as crazy and lock him up. When things start to happen that suggest he might be who he says he is, the people act out of fear and try some heavy-handed interrogation tactics to force him to tell them how they can leave Earth and go live on his planet. Doesn't work!

Hence, the Fall of Man.

Anyway! Thanks for sharing. This was a fun read.


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