Equality VS Unity

The road to hell is paved with good intentions.

3 min readApr 17, 2023


johnhain on Pixabay

One thing that strikes me about the public conversation on equality is that many people who advocate for it don’t seem to be interested in unity, because they actively and consciously reject all unified states when it comes to those they disagree with and denounce as less morally virtuous than they are.

This observation alone sets a clear distinction between equality and unity.

Another clear distinction is that people have to be divided for the concept of equality to become relevant, whereas people can’t be divided for unity to be at the core of people’s philosophical and social outlooks.

Unity is the natural state — it’s what exists before all the ideological- and identity-oriented division is imposed on us through lifelong social conditioning.

Equality, on the other hand, is merely a political concept that, for the most part, does nothing to inform people’s philosophical disciplines, outlooks or standards.

Unity transcends the realms of the political and the ideological, and starts with a grassroots philosophical and scientific recognition of our interconnectedness; the symbiotic connections between all of life and nature itself.

So long as people decide to keep on reducing themselves to their perceived group identities, world unification will not be possible, and it’s highly probable that our dominant social concepts and ideologies will masquerade as unifying forces while continuing to fragment the species.

To prevent the prevalence of these tribalistic, divisive ideologies, it would take active recognition of our natural unified state to be ‘built in’ to the very foundation of our social structures and civilisation as a whole.

Socially speaking, there has so far been a growing observable “backfire effect” from all this equality-hustling, namely the inadvertent alienation of people from one another by constantly bringing various surface-level identity differences to the forefront of their attention.

Politics without philosophy keeps on proving to be nothing but a bunch of self-defeating, self-righteous experiments that hijack people’s genuine human concern and use it both to get paid…




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