1 min readMar 30, 2023

As far as I'm concerned, the written word will always (eventually) win over all other forms of media. Videos just aren't for some of us, especially if it comes to having to watch 5 minute clips for 5 seconds worth of information.

There's something about reading... It's more interactive, less passive, than just sitting there watching some video.

I see it as a bit more of a problem that we want things to be 'easily digestible,' so even people who do read might still be neglecting books, for example. So much is missing from articles, the internet, etc. And we don't know what we are giving up when we reduce everything to our screentime, rather than taking a moment elsewhere, distraction-free, to get out of this constant rush to consume as much content as possible.

As for ads, I am on the fence about this one, leaning towards disagreement. Not only do I not want to see Medium drowning in corporate speak and false smiles plastered across banners, all the while constantly trying to sell me something (which has infested almost everything by this point), but how long until the advertisers start trying to place restrictions on what can be written about?

Everything has become so clinical and corporate. While I understand it, I've never liked it. It seems that's the default solution to many perceived problems in this world of ours; let the advertisers in!

Sometimes, people just don't want to be constantly targeted for sales pitches. It's becoming increasingly difficult to get away from.


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