4 Ways Words Are Used to Destabilise People and Societies

16 min readJul 26, 2023
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No matter which way you cut it, we’re in a lot of trouble. One of the primary yet most overlooked root causes of this trouble is the fractured state of humanity, and one of the behaviours that sustains this fractured state is the tendency to blame the “other side” for causing it in the first place.

Many tricks of words are being employed to perpetuate this division, both in how we diagnose and discuss social problems, and in how we talk about the people we blame for causing them.

This is especially true in the religious and political arenas, where gatekeepers of truth stoke the fires of destabilisation and destruction in order to preserve their sphere of social influence, and where each perceived “group” continuously fall for the same kinds of rhetoric that has been imposed on people for centuries, allowing themselves to be used for grander nefarious purposes in a trade-off for small, illusory gains.

Here is a brief examination of four ways that language is being used and abused with the goal of keeping us divided, primarily amongst deluded lines of us and them, but also within ourselves as individuals as our perceptions and concepts clash with reality.

How many of them can you recognise around you, in your families, your peers, your politicians, your religious leaders, your media outlets? And how many of them can you recognise within yourself?

As prevalent as the tendency to blame others is, how often have you been guilty of contributing in real-time to the destabilisation we can now witness around us and within ourselves?

I’ll answer this question at the end of the piece.

Shifting Focus from Behaviour Itself to Classifications of Behaviour

“If any assent is to be reached in human affairs, it must be by the result of the whole common consciousness; that is, by the linguistic process, or it will not be reached at all” — Charles Ernest Merriam

When communication breaks down, the chance of violence skyrockets.

When five drunk men target a lone elderly woman at night, beat her to death and steal her purse, most people readily recognise this as corrupt…




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