May 14, 2023


This was an incredible read. Very detailed, concise, to the point.

The part that I'm quoting here made me wonder about why this ideology is so easily subscribed to. I'm considering some work of Jonathan Haidt, who wrote a fair bit about such things in his book The Righteous Mind: Why good people are divided by politics and religion.

He brings up the phenomena of "post-hoc rationalisation." Also affectionately called the tail wagging the dog.

This is where someone accepts their first emotional response to something as a position in their worldview, and, after the fact, fleshes their position out with ideology later on.

This, I suspect, is largely the case for a great majority of the younger people now sponging up "woke" ideology. It has certainly been true with many of the people I've interacted with on these subjects.

Again, great read. Thanks for sharing.


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